Conny MaierGermany

Conny Maier (b. DE) deals with the human psyche as well as analyzing social conditioning, body politics, innate human urges and the human-nature relationship.

The domestication of natural elements and wildness are main focal points. The off-kilter figuration in Maier’s paintings, coupled with the inter-species entanglements that her work depicts, articulate precarity and vulnerability as elemental states of being.

As a silent spectator, Maier confronts herself with critical questions and analysis of her own behaviour. Suffused with documentary narratives, her scenarios allow to illuminate the grey areas of what is marginalized by our own human constructs.

Maier’s reflections on polarities like dominance and submission, equilibrium and instability, the human and the non-human take an unflinching look at the final throes of the Anthropocene, asking not only what should come to an end but what kind of new day might dawn.