Conny MaierGermany

Conny Maier works reflect sociocultural topics such as poverty, solitude and social conflict. She humorously and cautiously reveals social systems and their constructions.

The artist acts as a silent spectator within the entity as well as a part of the whole while she confronts herself with critical questions and analysis of her own behavior. Maier’s stories are suffuse with the documentary narratives. The idea for her works are gathered while traveling the world. She constantly and spontaneously scetches people and situations in notebooks and on pieces of paper, and these snapshots later find their way onto canvas.

In her large-format paintings, geometrical forms, colorful surfaces and comfortable elements with abstract components blend together. The boundaries between poverty and wealth become blurry. What remains are collages of society.

„Naive paintings sounds somehow wrong. Reduced painting would fit more. Reducing and getting the core of the matter. Off reality. Peaky forms combining ugliness but a bit of a holiday colour has to be. Form. Shaping. Connecting.“