Enter Art Fair 2022

Copenhagen 2022/08/25 2022/08/28

With continual dedication to art that questions conventions and searching for the unknown in established disciplines, for this year‘s Enter Art Fair, Ruttkowski68 lines up: Jenny Brosinski, Richie Culver, Henrik Godsk, Conny Maier and Devin Troy Strother.

As some of the most important emerging artists of today, dialogues will open up about reality and abstraction, conception and deconstruction, essence and appearance, social systems and what arises within and around.

Expanding borders, burning boredom, building bridges – Ruttkowski;68 provides room to explore what art is capable of. Offering space to synthesize contradictions and symphonize the rigidity of white cubes with subculture’s unconstrained dissidence, the selected artists add their individual narrative to this collage of existence, depicting all its demons and downsides, sweet spots and stimulations.

In their diverging approaches of dealing with the compelling issues of our time, they span a field for moving minds and sensation seekers to indulge and resonate in the energy of art’s expansive presence.