Art Cologne 2022

Cologne 2022/11/16 2022/11/20


There is an immanent tension embedded in the contrasts that form our reality. In between the old and the new, tradition and innovation, sensation and sanity. Like there is a certain tension in the air when works by different artists hang close to each other, which at first glance diverge far apart in style, approach and subject matter. As if eyes and mind would first of all search for points of connection, for similarities, unity
and what is known.

For Art Cologne 2022, Ruttkowski;68 spotlights international, multi-generational perspectives on contemporary transformation: Conny Maier, Susan Te Kahurangi King, Devin Troy Strother, Barry McGee, Fabian Treiber, Philip Emde, Richie Culver, Stefan Marx & Thomas Wachholz.

These artists all span and successfully fill this field of tension – each from an individual angle and with different tools, comment and cocreate the zeitgeist, attempting to link approaches, of processing past, present and future, tradition, habit and vision. All selected to hereby bridge contrasts and oppositions, in a dynamic exchange of universal questions and answers.