Nine To Know Group show curated by Jenny Brosinski

Paris 2020/01/25 2020/02/23

It is always a question of truth – or rather of perception – especially when it comes to painting. In Nine To Know ten artists from New York and Berlin show their positions on contemporary painting – or what a painting might be in their eyes – in Paris.
For the first time, Jenny Brosinski is curating an exhibition and has set herself the goal of bringing together emerging and established artists from the metropolises of Berlin and New York in order to jointly outline the current concept of painting.
From her own perspective, she loves more to ask questions than to give answers –
Questioning truth, figuration, abstraction, fullness or emptiness in an artwork.. Gesture or concrete form. Or the difference between traditional painting techniques, computer graphics, or the metamorphosis/transformation into an object. Is that important anyway? And how do contemporary artists deal with these subjects?
Beyond gender correctness, an exhibition was put together from a purely painterly point of view, in which it is about opposites, but above all about connecting the medium of painting – which almost allows the yearning for the 80s – and yet outlines something very own and new, namely Nine To Know.

Conny Maier
Cristina de Miguel
David Matthew King
Jenny Brosinski
Manuel Resch
Matthias Dornfeld
Maximilian Maria Willeit
Michael Sailstorfer
Robert Nava
Sascha Brylla

Opening reception:

Saturday, January 25th 2020, 6-9pm

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