10 Years Ruttkowski;68 Group Show

Cologne 2021/12/12 2022/01/02

Gallery Ruttkowski;68 is delighted to announce its anniversary exhibition, 10 Years Ruttkowski;68, which presents ten different works by ten different artists at the gallery’s project space POP;68 in Cologne, Germany. This was Ruttkowski;68’s first location, a historical reference point: this is where it all began. The exhibition offers a diverse overview of a variety of artistic approaches with a focus on paintings and painterly explorations. On display at the gallery are portraits, still lifes, and dreamy abstract paintings that invite you to lose your bearings or to break free. With works by Antwan Horfee, Conny Maier, Piet Parra, Jenny Brosinski, Fabian Treiber, Philip Emde, Joakim Ojanen, Hendrik Beikirch, Stefan Marx, and Daniel Weissbach—it’s a birthday thing!