Art Brussels 2023

Brussels 2023/04/20 2023/04/23


For Art Brussels 2023, Ruttkowski;68 highlights an extensive selection of emerging and established contemporary artists: Carlotta Bailly-Borg (b.1984, FR), Luciano Calderon (b.1986, CH/BOL), Philip Emde (b.1976, DE), Henrik Godsk (b.1975, DK), Antwan Horfee (b.1983, FR), Susan Te Kahurangi King (b.1951, NZ), Prosper Legault (b.1994, FR), Conny Maier (DE), Meuser (b.1947, DE), Mario Picardo (b.1985, FR), Frédéric Platéus (b.1976, BE), Pablo Tomek (b.1988, FR) and Daniel Weissbach (b.1976 † 2000, DE).

The selected positions mesh a net of multidimensional spaces in painting, drawing, sculpture, installation and, above all, their intersections. Right at this imaginary spot of miscellaneous approaches encountering each other, they enter a dialogue about perceiving, processing and digesting worldly constitutions.

The lines between convergence and divergence, tension and serenity will blur in the visitor’s resonances and curate the emerging gap wanting to be filled with one’s own echoes and responses.