Daniel WeissbachGermany

Daniel Weissbach (b. 1976 DE, † 2020, DE) charted new territory with an unparalleled experimentation that made graffiti and street art gain new definitions, redefining the artist’s relationship to art in public space.

With a focus on the concept of time, momentum, and eternity, his works immortalize the ordinary and give space to the unsolicited that honors the detritus of life, bringing our attention to their existence with eye-catching and alluring aesthetics. Use of acrylic on canvas to create shiny lacquered surfaces serve as platforms for imitations of dirt, scribbling, spray paint, old stickers, chewing gum, and other often overlooked items.

Tiled walls of the Berlin subway appear as one of the central symbols of the relationship between being and time in Weissbach’s work. A tiled wall being something we incessantly try to keep clean, something we polish, something that is supposed to make it easier for us to purge traces of the past from the present. Even if the tiles remain shiny and pristine for half a day, the joints between them are still there: evading cleaning, gathering residues, traces, marks. The past enters the present through the joints. The inner story manifests on the body’s surface which then becomes the mirror of the soul.