Carolin EidnerGermany

Carolin Eidner (b. 1984, Berlin, DE) moves in multifaceted intersections – between a philosophical approach and a specific individual attitude towards materiality. In this display Eidner presents hybrids between sculpture and painting, made of pigmented plaster, glass works and an integration of video.

The audience is invited into a meta-narrative that unfolds throughout the composition of the show. Repeating visual elements of grey-tone geometry join the different rooms and create a spatial connection between the single elements. The grey structures are permeated by an axis of fire, that cuts through the space, drawing us toward glimpse of a gaze though the flames.

The plaster pieces pretence to monumentality and hints of pop culture add a humoristic touch to the underlying drama. Eidner depicts the tension between rigid structures and vital elements, that aim to deconstruct the structure, to ‘burn the house’ and unveil the fragile presence of being.