Art Cologne 2023

Cologne 2023/11/16 2023/11/19


For Art Cologne 2023, Ruttkowski;68 invites you to embark on a journey to and through the realms of contemporary art and its manifold perspectives.

Sundry lenses of miscellaneous approaches, span a field for personal resonance where Antwan Horfee, Carolin Eidner, Conny Maier, Dennis Buck, Eva Beresin, Fabian Treiber, Francesco Igory Deiana, Henrik Godsk, Jårg Geismar, Joakim Ojanen, Lars Eidinger, Mathias Weinfurter, Michael Günzer, Monica Kim Garza, Philip Emde, Prosper Legault, Stefan Marx and Stefan Strumbel
deconstruct, reshape and transform elements drawn from individual accesses to contemporary conditions and the processing of cultural imprints.

Some works whisper with calm restraint, revealing their concealed sequels upon closer inspection. Others burst forth with contagious energy, intensively echoing the ever-changing world around us. Together they create a profound presence that incites mutual enhancements of intertwined references and their relations.