Grenzgänge Conny Maier

Cologne 2021/04/30 2021/06/20

Conny Maier presents her exhibition Grenzgänge which continues the work cycle that she first introduced in her show Im Trüben at Ruttkowski;68.

The spaces in Conny Maier’s paintings seem to tame the wildly growing nature and transform it into cultivated landscape gardens. Humanity’s ambivalent relationship to nature develops into a dystopian view that forms the thematic basis of all the images. The interplay between humans and nature is represented in all its facets, from all perspectives. Maier interprets the landscape and nature as social constructs, whose definitions are always subject to change. She condenses the mutual relationships and interactions by exaggerating her subjects in a utopian way. These scenarios allow viewers to dive into the gray areas of what is marginalized by human constructs. In Conny Maier’s paintings, the normative concepts of reality and truth are exaggerated to the point of absurdity.

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