Art Düsseldorf 2024

Düsseldorf 2024/04/11 2024/04/14


For Art Düsseldorf 2024, Ruttkowski;68 opens up its realm of diverse contemporary positions, highlighting some of the most captivating works and innovative approaches within a framework of mutual dialogue.

Featuring Antwan Horfee (FR), Carlotta Bailly-Borg (FR), Carolin Eidner (DE), Chris Succo (DE), Conny Maier (DE), Daniel Weissbach (DE), Eva Beresin (HU), Fabian Treiber (DE), Philip Emde (DE) Mathias Weinfurter (DE) and Prosper Legault (FR), their intertwined references, divergences and relationships embody the gallery’s artistic program as a manifold experience. Through painting, drawing, sculpture and installation their bold languages converge on common grounds and incite repulsive poles that invite the viewer to embark on a journey through personal reflections and resonances.