Antwan HorfeeFrance

Antwan Horfee (b. 1983, FR) pays reference to B-Movies, underground comics and science fiction films. Toying with perception, he creates multiple focal points where wild rollercoaster rides lead through different layers of lines and forms. Sometimes, in the background, is a blurry landscape or a portrait of one of his heroes. The hyper-realistic work shows an enhanced visualization of color and shape, which is as beautiful as it is distortive.

Horfee’s inspirations span over a vast expanse: from traditional Japanese woodblock printing such as the landscape perspectives found in ‘ukyio-e’ (translating as ‘pictures of a floating world’), through to technical processes involved in rendering images used to create virtual reality and render the three-dimensional in video-games.

The surreal characters or objects found in his works, often dominated by abstract gestures, are signs of an age of diversity, noise, abundance, and uncertainty. His intense dynamics and palettes are symptomatic of a time when the flow of the digital image is extensive and fast.

This artist is continuously experimenting – combining both coincidence and sophisticated drawing techniques – his masterful and individual, nuanced and contemporary visual language have become a trademark of his time and generation.