Art Antwerp 2022

Antwerp 2022/12/15 2022/12/18


For Art Antwerp 2022, Ruttkowski;68 intends to highlight contemporary positions of various artistic disciplines that offer extensions to reality’s constitution. They take up elements rooted in the mundane and alienate, deform, blur and distort them into extensive abstraction, opening-up fields into dimensionlessness itself.

Within these miscellaneous approaches of artists like Antwan Horfee, Carlotta Bailly-Borg, Frederic Platéus and Robert Janitz, carried by personal sophistication and intrinsic desire to process worldly imprints, adventures in distant universes await the willing spectator. Familiar or strange, isolated or inviting, ominous or peaceful – the quality of art as projection surface offers eternal space for individual resonance. Ruttkowski;68 invites you right into this space, where the eye can wander, the mind can explore, and the body can indulge in sensation.

Sculptures and installations by Meuser, Prosper and various other artists lead the projection surface into three-dimensionality, at the same time limiting space in its physicality as well as expanding it in its capability of echoing its fleeting surroundings.