Hair is Rare Antwan Horfee

Düsseldorf 2024/03/02 2024/04/21

Antwan Horfee (b.1983 in Paris, FR) presents his fourth solo show Hair is Rare with Ruttkowski;68 in Düsseldorf.

The brain as a gym, artistic practice as a system, vocabulary as ever refining and redefining form – Horfee’s work materializes the dynamic of thought between internal worlds and external realizations.

Inciting narratives from brush strokes that could unfold anywhere between masks, stains, dogs and postapocalyptic trees depending on the individual point of view, each work is a surface of projection, of mutual creation and dialogical exploration. A myriad of forms, directions, layers and gestures fill the canvases through the surreal processing of visions into scenarios, scenarios into words, words into feelings.

The passage from the sparks of imagination to a physical object, translating headspace into materiality incorporates impossible realities, unreal theories, serious jokes and their crossovers. Converging to aesthetic combinations, inhabited by a multitude of characters dressed like an artist – crafting, creating, playing, scripting different versions of the self – they invite to multiple experiences; you get out of it what you give in to it.


Opening reception
6–8 PM

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