Sorry Bro Antwan Horfee

Cologne 2017/02/10 2017/03/26

Antwan Horfee’s paintings are densely packed with scenic and symbolic motifs.
The Paris-based artist creates artworks of high tension by combining dynamic and colourful elements within intricate compositions. While he seeks pure abstraction in some artworks, others have figurative allusions.

Formerly working in the streets, he needed to complete his illicit works quickly. Horfee’s technique today combines his early skills – using a spray can at fast pace – with a classical approach to painting and sculpture. As a result, his work is marked by dynamic spontaneity and technique of the established.

In his solo exhibition SORRY BRO, Horfee playfully apologizes for using traditional media. Today’s modern artists are expected to experiment with new media and evolve new styles. Antwan Horfee, however, reinterprets age-old techniques instead of questioning the medium itself.

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