Frédéric PlatéusBelgium

The originality of Frédéric Platéus‘ work comes from his fascination with technology, science, and motor sports aesthetics. His work hast he keen ability to perform back and forth between movement of popular culture.
The virtuoso technique of his sculptures often gives them a high-tech appearance stripped of any real function making them as unreal as impeccable.
This explains why critics mention his work relates to the tradition of Finish Fetish, a movement born on the west coast of the United States during the end of the sixties.
The artists drawn inspiration freely in their daily environment: sports in vogue (especially surf), craft techniques (for example, sheet metal painting) advanced technologies (the aeronautical industry was then in full boom) …
Like them, Platéus’s sensitivity to the urban environment and his use of industrial materials create an unique oeuvre of modern life.