Enter Art Fair 2023

Copenhagen 2023/08/24 2023/08/27


For Enter Art Fair 2023, Ruttkowski;68 lets some of the most exciting emerging and established artists of today open up the eternal expanse of art as a projection surface.

Eva Beresin, Prosper Legault, Hendrik Beikirch, Anton Alvarez, Thomas Wachholz, Phil Frost, José Maria Yturralde, Michel Mouffe and Philip Emde span fields of painting, drawing and sculpture through figurative, conceptual and futuristic genres. Through a diversity of style, all artists share a vibrant and dynamic visual language, confronting some of the most compelling issues of our time through each of their individual vocabularies.

Within their miscellaneous approaches, common grounds and repulsive poles become tangible. This is a fresh and insightful presentation that initiates discourse relating to reality and its abstraction, perception and its interpretation, conception and its deconstruction – a dialogue that will resound in the viewer’s perceptions.