Prosper LegaultFrance

Prosper Legault (b. 1994, FR) collects items and debris from the urban environment and reassembles them in unfamiliar ways. By juxtaposing neon lights, illuminated advertisements, shop signs, he provides new and unexpected meanings by bringing everyday reality into art.

This rearrangement and combination of different objects and materials such as Chinese shop signs, posters, and medieval flags in pieces like “Tu es un coquillage” and “Le roi et l’oiseau” evoke the theoretical and practical work of Kurt Schwitters, particularly his Dada poems and expansive installations such as “Merzbau”.

In a similar way to composing and mixing music, Prosper samples well-known objects, scenes, and images, remixes them into a new-found aesthetic order, and then presses the repeat button – the neon lights ever a reminder of a world that never sleeps.