Chicago 2024/04/11 2024/04/14


With a steadfast commitment to challenging conventions and exploring uncharted territories within established disciplines, Ruttkowski;68 presents a compelling lineup for its participation at Expo Chicago 2024:

Ellen Antico (AU), Eva Beresin (HU), Francesco Igory Deina (IT), Matt Dillon (US), Philip Emde (DE), Stefan Marx (DE), Eva Robarts (US), Fabian Treiber (DE), Chris Succo (DE), Jose María Yturralde (ES) and  Tessa Perutz (US).

As pivotal figures in today’s emerging and established art scene, these artists ignite dialogues on reality versus abstraction, conception versus deconstruction, essence versus appearance, and the dynamics of social systems.

Aiming to push boundaries and foster connections while blurring the lines between tradition and innovation, these diverse approaches create a landscape for engaging minds and sensation seekers alike – an immersion into the dynamic presence and boundless energy of art.