Eva BeresinHungary

Eva Beresin’s (b. 1955, HU) works depict people, often herself, whose bodies are distorted, make grotesque grimaces, and seem to merge with animals, such as birds or frogs – in bizarre ways. Her paintings are rich in detail and often contain subtle cultural references with a strong symbolic power and testify to high thoughtfulness. Many of the paintings also feature a smartphone; themes such as beauty, self-confidence, and self-acceptance are hereby addressed, as well as the processing of her own family trauma. The unimaginable harm that was committed to her parents during the Holocaust is inscribed in her own physical memory and fundamentally present in her artistic practice.
The works are able to transport an ambivalence, the motifs reflect at the same time something humorous, funny, and unfold on a closer look a melancholic absurdity, an abyss that can be guessed, a multi-layered representation of what the artist is characterized by. Lightness, humor and optimism can be found next to trauma, violence and disorientation in the infinite expanse of one’s own stories, experiences and imprints.