Nada Miami 2023

Miami 2023/12/05 2023/12/09


For NADA Miami 2023, Ruttkowski;68 highlights an emerging position in contemporary art: Guim Tío (b. 1987 in Barcelona, ES).

Tío invites us to embark on a journey through vast landscapes of memories and pastime experiences. In the face of the sublime and stoic nature, a sense of solitude that echos in a longing for serenity is conveyed. Exploring this sense of serenity in and through personal roots and imprints, Tió opens up limitless fields to wander through one’s own feelings, encounters and what the memory has left of it.

Small, indeterminate figures in expansive spaces of unique color compositions transmit a vague, yet palpable presence. The poetics of the paintings are capturing and ever evolving in personal resonances.

Artist informations