DAS INTELLIGENCE Katsu Sawada & Frédéric Platéus

Cologne 2023/03/31 2023/05/28

Katsu Sawada (b.1982 in Honolulu, US) and Frédéric Platéus (b.1976 in Liège, BE) present their exhibition DAS INTELLIGENCE at Ruttkowski;68 in Cologne.

Platéus‘ body of work is characterized by a well executed and clean precision. For his wall sculptures, he pulls various materials onto wooden frames, creating an aesthetic reminiscent of car, racing bike and motor sports. He experiments and researches with fake leather, neoprene, nylon and mesh materials, letting new forms constantly evolve through rough gestures and robotic patterns.

Katsu’s works often form interventions in public spaces, for which he makes use of innovative techniques and self-developed technologies, allowing the conquest of hard-to-reach and large-scale sites. He unleashes a vibrant energy and sense of autonomy, crossing and pushing boundaries of a multitude of categories, disciplines and rules.

Two bold approaches and diverging aesthetics collide in the gallery‘s space, appropriate it in order to attack and transform each other’s art. A collaborative process – finding mutual answers through materials, techniques and styles – where unpredictable reactions are created.

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