Vienna Contemporary 2023

Vienna 2023/09/07 2023/09/10

For Vienna Contemporary 2023, Ruttkowski;68 spotlights the two distinct approaches of Philip Emde and Alex Katz.

Seemingly disparate in style and technique, the two artists share the common ground of depicting landscapes, each in their very own painterly interpretation.

Philip Emde, who has held a fascination for Steiff animals since his childhood, elevates these stuffed toys to autonomous figures that often tell stories, listen and offer commentary on occurrences they observe. The works presented show an immersion into the abstracted landscapes – through a lavish interplay of colors, the figures become integral pictorial elements at once blending in with the background, while also standing out from it.

Alex Katz, renowned for his portraiture that captures a sense of palpable presence and a certain detachment, blends elements of realism and abstraction across his body of work. For this presentation, the focus is on his examination and exploration of landscape, distinguished by vibrant palettes and the fundamental reduction to the essential motifs.

From these seemingly disparate approaches emerges an inciting liveliness and dynamic vitality, inviting a multitude of perspectives and personal interpretations.

Artist informations