SPARK Art Fair Vienna 2024

Vienna 2024/03/14 2024/03/17


For SPARK Art Fair 2024, Ruttkowski;68 proudly presents the work of Mathias Weinfurter (b. 1989 in Frankfurt am Main, DE).

Weinfurter prefers to work with ordinary materials familiar to us from everyday situations, intentionally eschewing conventional ideas of artistic value. Through his experiments with glitch art, he uses an industrially manufactured fence, which imposes its grid across the landscapes of Central Europe. Weinfurter is captivated by the function and significance of fences in terms of content. They often demarcate boundaries, define areas of power, and are deeply integrated into everyday life. Yet, border issues constitute a significant portion of neighborhood conflicts, both private and political, with corresponding implications for humanitarian concerns.

Another facet of his work involves engaging with socially relevant questions surrounding memory culture and politics. In this context, he is particularly intrigued by the concepts and possibilities of preserving memory and fostering public discourse around it. Alongside representing historical heritage, his work also delves into individual forms of memory and the associated aspects of identity formation.