Bellevue Stefan Marx

Cologne 2017/04/21 2017/05/28

Stefan Marx lends his unique handwriting to a variety of materials: paper – torn-out pages from magazines or new sheets from his sketchbook – canvas, porcelain and textiles. Across all media, his work is distinguished by his signature style.

His drawings chronicle everyday life. They are direct and personal, often comic and good-humoured. Marx observes his environment and sketches out scenarios that provide an insight into the zeitgeist and modern society. While his drawings are monochromatic, they sometimes play with colour, depending on the paper being used. In a series of more abstract works, Stefan Marx uses colour directly. Aside from his figurative and abstract works, Marx also works with text inspired by song lyrics. The often black and white words have a strong visual and emotional effect. While adding the text to his canvases, Marx visually translates their poetic message.

In Bellevue – his second solo exhibition with Ruttkowski;68 gallery – Marx showcases the richness and breadth of his technique. Canvas and paper works as well as a handmade rug, his iconic vases and a neon installation are on display. Bellevue alludes to the Berlin residency of the German President – an enigmatic place whose history and restricted access has captured the imagination of the artist.

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