June 20, 2021

This Must Be The Place

Ruttkowski;68 x Villa Schöningen Sculpture Garden

The song of the same name by the American rock band Talking Heads from 1983 is a love song. A love song without a narrative story, without a fairytale-like narration. Situations, actions and feelings are described fragmentarily. Neither fixed in time nor place, without any claim to absolute truth. This is what the song has in common with fairy tales.

It is precisely these that form the starting point for the sculpture exhibition in the historic garden of Villa Schöningen. As in fairy tales, one encounters wondrous occurrences, works that bear socially realistic or utopian traits, take a look at social conditions, and function as a document of their time.

Not a love song, but a garden of works that, after a year and a half of isolation, allow a new look at the here and now, at the immediate environment, social fabric, everyday life and perhaps even one’s own four walls.

This must be the place!

Artists on display: Anton Alvarez, Jenny Brosinski, Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg, Lars Eidinger, Antwan Horfee, Conny Maier, Stefan Marx, Stefan Strumbel, Hoda Tawakol and Tom Volkaert