June 25, 2021



Jenny Brosinski designs minimalist image structures with an abstraction – touching the here and now as well as her own subjective perception and memory. By including isolated figural elements, she is inspired by the simultaneity of urban dynamics and the associated semiotics of metropolitan places, images and codes.

These paintings demonstrate a radically reduced, loose approach: splashes of color in neon, particles of dirt, rampant doodling, isolated lines, small notations, scratches, smudges, overpaintings, and olive oil stains are arranged. Everything suggests a quick, spontaneous, perhaps even willfully careless creation. The refinement lies in the floating balance of the pictorial elements in relation to each other that Brosinski brings about through a cautious, process-oriented approach.

The process of action and revision, of adding and subtracting, is an essential component of her painting. Whether approaching the canvas with fingers, brush or spray can, there is a deconstructive further development that follows. Accepting the intentional, and yet also playful pentimenti in the artistic struggle with lines, forms and color surfaces, single parts are repeatedly annulled – by washing off, wiping away, painting over, or demonstratively crossing out text or image elements.

Often only trace-like residues of liquids and pigments remain on the surface. Breathed on, watered down, traces of use. Jenny Brosinski’s formal reduction is a consistent result of her fascination for the sensual qualities of the materials used.