Watch Me Burn Group Show curated by Peter Rasmus Fischer

Paris 2022/09/03 2022/09/25

Rasmus Peter Fischer presents his group show Watch me burn at Ruttkowski;68 in Paris.
Nine young artists collectively span the field of painting and sculpture, expanding its borders and herby create a very own, individual definition of their disciplines.

Their artistic languages tell highly diverse narratives, their approaches could hardly be more different and their personal backgrounds are worlds apart. And yet, in their differences, they are able to find a connection that merges into a symphony of experimental art. A connection that doesn’t shy away from the unknown, but seeks for it, recognising and appreciating its countless possibilities. The works shown are loud, fearless, vibrant and unconventional in every aspect. Through the uncertainty of what dialogue between them will reveal, the works challenge the walls, the space as well as the visitor and provoke resonance in their expansive presence. For some, they may light up, for some they may burn down.

With works by: Lasse Thorst, Rune Christensen, Jane Margarette, Katarina Janeckova, Manu García Fernández, Etienne Pottier, Dimitrios Tade, Lindsey Jean McLean, Natalia Arbelaez and Grgur Akrap.