Transfinito José María Yturralde

Düsseldorf 2023/01/13 2023/02/26

José María Yturralde presents his first solo exhibition Transfinito at Ruttkowski;68 in Düsseldorf.

His body of work includes multiple techniques and medias, such as lasers, holography, engines, computers, wood, plastic and countless more. What he depicts is immanently rooted in geometric forms, in underlying mathematical concepts, that serve as tools for understanding form, structure and composition of the worldly constitution.

Through his work he approaches fundamental questions that do not expect to be answered but consciously examined through the means of art. These are questions whose scope elude human comprehension – and yet never lose their attraction. Questions that pose more riddles the longer one deals with them and that are surrounded by a mystery of plurality that makes unambiguity impossible.

Yturralde addresses nothing less than space, time, infinity and beyond – between emptiness and wholeness, void and totality – while not aiming to map or illustrate them, but rather to reflect upon and explore through emotional resonances created by confronting their inherent unsolved mysteries.

Art as a sensual knowledge can illuminate natural forces such as gravity, energy, quantum entanglement or the ongoing evolution of the human consciousness and hereby transcend infinity.