Serenade Parra

New York 2023/11/16 2023/12/22

Parra (b. 1976 in Maastricht, NL) presents his fourth solo exhibition Serenade with Ruttkowski;68.

Where Parra’s distinctive female figures with their expansive gestures formed the protagonists in his preceding show in Paris last year, this time they seem to be less prominent and leave the canvas to the unfolding of landscapes and their natural elements depicted through the artist’s very own lens and in his distinctive style emerging from it.

In their flat, graphic precision and opaque coloring, the single elements develop an autonomy that plays with the canvas, creating its own frames and borders. Permeated with small mistakes in perspective, like visual glitches after staring into the sun for one glimpse too long, the works seem to capture a space between reality and abstraction.

Depicting some of the most traditional motifs in the history of art and painting, they are enriched by centuries of tradition and are both simultaneously a homage to and emancipation from their heritage.

Parra’s well-known, dog-like creatures complement the show as bronzes, translating the dynamic of their graceful forms into the static of a sculpture. They too are part of a communication in fragments, that at the same time demands to be viewed independently, as well as in mutual relation and reference.


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