Escapism Hendrik Beikrich

Paris 2023/11/12 2023/12/10

Hendrik Beikirch (b. 1974 in Kassel, DE) presents his third solo exhibition Escapism with Ruttkowski;68 in Paris.

It is these places, far off from civilization, nestled within the embrace of nature’s extremes, where body and mind enter a state rarely attainable in our Western routines. Throughout history, humans have been drawn to these extremes, that possess the power to translate a physical change in perspective into a mental one.

Whether driven by a devotion to mystical spirituality or pushing boundaries of one’s own physical limits, the desire to reach the highest point imbues each step, each action, and their consequences with profound significance, compelling individuals to reevaluate their own self-assessment.

It is in these very places that the relationship between human and nature takes on different dimensions, oscillating between fascination and humility, appreciation and destruction, use and abuse.

Beikirch’s works serve as bridges to his experiences and encounters in mountain regions. Translating his insights onto canvas, he captures the enchantment and magnetism in large-scale, meticulously detailed depictions. The all-encompassing black of mountain nights, the glaringly bright white of snow-covered peaks, or the intensity of sunlight take on a presence in his work that demands not only to be observed but experienced—one that evolves with every little change of position, offering a new perspective from every angle.

Natural motifs are interrupted as man-made plastic objects merge into these environments, reminding us that even in the most remote areas, humanity leaves traces with fatal consequences. Escapism, as a homage to the mountains, thus encompasses a subtle allegory of humanity’s paradox to love and simultaneously destroy.

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