Roots Guim Tió

New York 2023/06/30 2023/08/12

Guim Tió (b. 1987, Barcelona, ES) presents his first solo exhibition Roots at Ruttkowski;68 in New York.

The exhibition leads to a journey through vast landscapes of memories and pastime experiences. Particularities and feelings are melted and inscribed into their environment, opening up limitless fields to wander through the essence of emotions that once were evoked.

Small, indeterminate figures, not much more than mere contours, convey a sense of profound solitude in the face of the sublime and stoic nature that surrounds them. In the serenity of the landscapes a sound of silence is conveyed, that echoes in the uniqueness of one’s own memories. Inscribed in our imprints, they shape and form roots, that perpetually transform through time passing by.
Ranging in size, from large format oil on canvas to miniature watercolour on photographs, some works contain close ups or portraits of figures without faces, transmitting a vague yet palpable presence.
The poetics of the paintings include the observing eyes into the journey through open ended places, encounters and what the memory has left of it.

Artist information