Gute Nacht Bonne Nuit Stefan Marx

Paris 2023/07/01 2023/07/30

Stefan Marx (b. 1979, Schwalmstadt, DE) presents his sixth solo exhibition Gute Nacht Bonne Nuit with Ruttkowski;68 in Paris.

In their unusual hanging, the distinctive typography of Marx’s typeworks appropriates the gallery’s space. The compositions visualize fragments of our personal life; the works seem to wander through different time phases of the day while translating them into corresponding feelings.

Marx stays true to his aesthetics, tracing notions through painted lines that ignore writing structures, thus creating precise visual narratives embedded in vivid color fields. Recurring motifs are placed in new contexts, inviting shifts in their impact and challenging the associations of the viewer. The interplay between positive and negative iterations of the same motif opens up space for the nuances of the viewer’s perception.

The poetics of English expressions, in its universality, span a realm of its own, which is given outlines, forms and subtexts, extending beyond their immediate meaning. Thus, a lovesong does not remain a lovesong, but is equally capable of encapsulating a particular situation, a specific moment in time or an emotional state.

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