Columns and Fences Anton Alvarez & Mathias Weinfurter

Cologne 2023/07/07 2023/07/30

Anton Alvarez (b. 1980, Uppsala, SE) and Mathias Weinfurter (b. 1989 in Frankfurt am Main, DE) present their exhibition Columns and Fences at Ruttkowski;68 in Cologne.

Two sculptors, who share approaches through their relation to object and materiality, originate from very different sources, go different directions and form their very own access to and processing of the world they are embedded in.

Weinfurter’s work often appropriates artifacts provided by public space, alienates them and places them in new contexts. The fence – in this case – is irritating in the precision of its optical illusion. This physical glitch arises from a digital error, the imperfect attempt of an algorithm to merge photographs into a seamless image.

Alvarez’s sculptures resonate in the breaking up of static forms. They arise from a considerate dialogue between clay and machine, which the artist moderates and pushes to the material’s limits. This gentle interplay molds autonomous shapes that evolve in their own, unexpected narration. It interacts and interconnects with Weinfurter’s Palisade Fence letting their mutual conversation unfold in the spatial conditions of the gallery.