Vibskovski;72 IV Henrik Vibskov

Cologne 2019/12/06 2020/02/02

Henrik Vibskov proves once again with his exhibition Vibskovski;72 IV that he is not only a master of flitting between various disciplines, but also of working with a variety of different materials, from knitted works to wooden sculptures and even three-dimensional tableaux and cast bronze works.

Fashion designer, honorary professor, visual artist—Henrik Vibskov’s professional occupations are as diverse as his creative output. With a needle and thread, paint and a brush, wood and a saw, Vibskov crafts his playful works that form a counterpoint to our rationally influenced reality. Created especially for the exhibition, his works not only include hand-embroidered knitted landscapes and wooden objects inspired by old spindles ; for the very first time Vibskov is also venturing into traditional—from an art-historical perspective—bronze casting methods. The starting point here is a material very familiar to the fashion designer, which was even the artistic focus of his first solo exhibition for Ruttkowski;68 in 2014: nylon. The fragile, flexible material is carefully wound around wooden elements and used as a casting mold. As with his other works, Vibskov relies on a kind of artistic recycling: the original items from which the casts are made are displayed as tableaux. This results in works that are the logical consequence of the production of other works—a creative perpetual motion that seems to continue indefinitely.

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