More Feeling Fabian Treiber

Cologne 2019/10/11 2019/12/01

Fabien Treiber, born in 1986, presents a selection of works at Ruttkowski;68 that he has created over the last two years. More Feeling gathers works by the artist that are initially to be read as interiors and still lifes.
Treiber’s tools range from brushes to stencils and even airbrush guns. Layer by layer, he applies delicate glazes, using highly pigmented acrylic inks, as well as thickly painted masses of color. His large-format works seem like representational images, but the focus is not on the pure reproduction of reality; the artist is more concerned with recreating his memory of it and the emotions it provokes—in other words, transferring the feelings that lie beneath the surface.
Spaces and objects develop constantly throughout the painting process. The apparently flat image composition, the renunciation of a strict perspective, and the experimentation with varying, seemingly “wrong” proportions all reveal that what is depicted is an artistic composition, the recreation of a nonfactual reality. Nevertheless, by positioning different objects together and placing them on top of each other, abstract forms become things with a strange function. When does an object become legible as such and a projection surface? What triggers the emotion we feel as a result? This balancing and shifting of the line of demarcation is the objective of Treiber’s painting.

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