Happy Garten Lars Eidinger

Paris 2022/04/09 2022/05/15

Lars Eidinger presents his solo exhibition Happy Garten at Ruttkowski;68 gallery in Paris. Photographically and videographically, the artist captures precise shots that represent seemingly everyday observations.

The motifs reveal a perspective on humans and society that, without moralizing, traces a contradictory relationship with nature and makes it the object of contemplation. The fleeting moments develop an unstaged, strong symbolic power in their morbid charm, which is often depicted in the attempt to imitate, trim and direct nature. Human’s counterfactual self-assessment becomes a relationship to nature bordering on perversion, the self-destructive act an objet trouvé.

“When did we stop seeing ourselves as part of nature? We are nature” says Eidinger.
“When the human has an allergic reaction to animals or plants, we are beyond Eden.”

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