Mein Hut der hat 3 Ecken Andreas Schulze, Philip Emde & Fabian Treiber

Paris 2022/05/19 2022/06/19

Andreas Schulze, Philip Emde and Fabian Treiber present the group exhibition Mein Hut der hat drei Ecken at Ruttkowski;68 in Paris.
Tracking the boundaries of classical painterly subjects like still life, landscape and interior, the three different positions open up a field of association, experience, memory and speculation.

The search for the “Unknown“ in which the intended aim solely serves as a method for finding a vocabulary within an independent pictorial world, is a shared starting point from which the individual approaches evolve.

Moving between abstraction and representation all of them invent pictorial worlds which are not told in terms of stories, but can be experienced as autonomous painting itself. The formed colors and the absence of human representatives are no illustration of this open attitude; they rather speak about a genuine search for uncharted territory within classical boundaries.

The multigenerational living German artists boldly stand alone in their own style and collectively create a visual dialogue within this exhibition. The positions drift apart from each other in a seemingly playful way and unite again in an emancipative moment of painting itself which unfolds here in a hat of three corners.

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