Entropy José María Yturralde

New York 2024/01/12 2024/02/17

José María Yturralde (b. 1942 in Cuenca, ES) presents his second solo exhibition Entropy with Ruttkowski;68 in New York.

Known for transcending traditional artistic disciplines, using an array of media, including – among others – laser, holography, flying structures, wood, and computers, he approaches fundamental questions that do not expect to be answered but consciously examined through the means of art.

Mathematical concepts and geometric forms, the laws of nature as well as spirituality, emotion and reason hereby form a holistic yet unfinished conglomeration of fragments of an ever-evolving world.

Drawing inspiration from the second principle of thermodynamics, ‘entropy’ as a measure of chaos, the gradual loss of energy, and the conservation of order, we are presented with a survey of works from 1972 until today, each contributing to an enduring process of artistic research, examination and evolution. In the complexity of life, its constant change and mutual resonances of chaos and order, Yturralde’s works reflect on the trajectory of his own lifetime while carefully seeking to approach the profound mysteries of the universe as a whole.

Art as sensual knowledge is capable of linking notions of the unknown, meaning and order in the human consciousness and beyond, and – as a possible tool for understanding form, structure and composition of the worldly constitution – illuminates the plurality of existence.