Forest Bathing / Biophilia Stefan Strumbel

Paris 2020/12/05 2021/01/10

Stefan Strumbel presents a solo exhibition at Gallery Ruttkowski;68 in Paris titled Forest Bathing/Biophilia.

Strumbel explores romanticism in his own unique way, posing questions about humanity and the love of the living. He creates cast sculptures of figures covered in bubble wrap, so that their physical form and silhouette are all that can be seen. The sculptures are thus immortalized in an in-between state, in a moment of transit or storage, and the protective material becomes their skin and feel. It symbolizes the protection of everything one would want to carry and preserve, be it values, contents, convictions, or feelings.

Also on display are a range of new paintings, including a neon work bearing a single word: Romance. In warm and soft colors, the paintings float above the viewer’s emotions, displaying memories and atmospheres and performing different degrees of abstraction. Whether Strumbel’s work is about a love of nature, the heart as a forest, the love of things, or the urge to protect or hold onto them, it can be read as a poetic love story that explores the fetish of objects and the possibilities contained within painting and contemporary sculpture. He connects the viewer’s emotions to the real world, thereby postulating the freedom of creation.

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