Fly me to the moon Jårg Geismar

Cologne 2018/10/12 2018/11/25

Jårg Geismar wants to fly high: to the moon, far away.
His art reminds of the feathery images which occur in the inner eye just before falling asleep.
Razor-sharp outlines take turns with cloud-like illusions, colored lights pulse above everything.

Taking this as childish kitsch would be hasty. There are underlying curiosity and self-confidence to Geismar’s work, which in combination lead to genuine artworks bursting with energy. His works made from glass and light seem to be volatile like gas and you will never know if they not have floated off the exhibition space already. The works are not easy to grasp anyway, at least not by pigeonholing them into artistic practices or art historical contexts. The art of Jårg Geismar is just there and wants to get seen and felt. And if you have once engaged in it, it will never let you go again.

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