CRAZY ANGEL Francesco Igory Deiana

New York 2023/04/07 2023/05/13

Francesco Igory Deiana (b. 1986, IT) presents his third solo exhibition CRAZY ANGEL with Ruttkowski;68 at the gallery’s new space.
Living and working in New York City, it is his first solo show in his home base.

CRAZY ANGEL describes a difficult but delightful contradiction between the savior and the maniac as the source of the energetic inspiration to this body of work.Within the paintings, shiny and highly pigmented colors, especially an intensively bright, flat blue, complement the monochrome grey in the drawings. Their loose symmetry provides a geometric structure while simultaneously transporting the impulsiveness of natural

These opposing poles of abstraction and figuration, grey universes and colorful excerpts, traditional techniques and experiments in materiality evenly permeate Deiana’s sculptural work, causing pieces to drift apart while – through a subtle symbolism woven into the works – never neglecting their relation.

CRAZY ANGEL includes a multitude of research processes and successfully transmits the energy released in the creation of the works.

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