Daily Cat Essen group show curated by Antwan Horfee

Paris 2021/09/04 2021/09/26

Antwan Horfee is a passer-by of art. His free, living gesture, in constant movement, transcends borders in the name of an aesthetic at the edge of the visible and the invisible, beyond the tangible: one of the most restlessly creative force in the world.
Driven by the desire to unite multiple imaginaries, sensitive to the uninterrupted flow of images that spill onto social networks, the unclassifiable visual artist, has thought the group exhibition Daily Cat Essen as a work that we feed each day. Art is a food to be consumed, savored without measure. The Bells Angels, Vanessa Conte, B Chehayeb, Kaïs Dhifi, Tiziano Foucault-Gini, Souheila Ghorbel, Kingsley Ifill, Prosper Legault, Mrzyk and Moriceau, Mario Picardo, Alexander Raczka, Ataru Sato, dialogue with Antwan Horfee: the narrative oscillates between spontaneity and temporality open to the multi-genre. From Tokyo to Paris, from New York to London, from a drawing to a photograph, through a painting, the subversive, contemporary wandering, at the sources of abstraction or figurative questions time and space, matter and form. The works orient variations and decipher signs around a matrix. Embodying various generations, the artists divert the codes, triturate the representations, transform the impalpable into palpable: “they create atmospheres, sacralize, sexualize works”, says Antwan Horfee, the chief curator of Daily Cat Essen. He is a forceful voice at the forefront of this group show.
Alchemy of film, comics, fusion between 8th art, painting and sculpture, Daily Cat Essen, explores the reflection by federating resonances. The public is invited to feed on a show as captivating as it is intriguing.