Jane MargaretteUSA

Jane Margarette (b.1985, US) received her MFA in Ceramics from the University of California in Los Angeles in 2020. Working in ceramics and installation, her pictorial protagonists come from the natural world: winged creatures, bugs, flowers, and fruit. Through chains and locks of all sizes and strength, they are embedded in a field of tension of capture, control, and codependency. These mechanisms seem to underline the fragility of natural forms and living beings, while at the same time elevating their inherent and untouchable strength. It is with these shifts in perspectives and perceptions that allow for small movements in patterns of thinking and behavior, constantly questioning the givens and unknowns through the medium of art.
Margarette’s work is vibrant and playful in both palette and form, retaining elements of brutality, domination, and hardness that explore themes of strength, protection, and sensuality.