ANGELS LUV 2 KI5S Jane Margarette

Paris 2023/10/07 2023/11/05

Jane Margarette (b.1985, San Diego, US) presents her first solo exhibition ANGELS LUV 2 KI5S with Ruttkowski;68 in Paris.

Entering the space, visitors are drawn into a habitat populated by insects, animals and other natural elements that the artist creates with skillful precision mainly from ceramics. Glazed in soft pastel colors, they exude an inviting tenderness, a soft vulnerability contrasted by locks and mechanisms through which they are chained to the wall.

Within the interplay of imposing butterflies, happy cats and snakes with heart-shaped tongues an atmosphere of love, affection and its longing for mutual recognition is transmitted, while flowers behind fences and cages without exits impart the harmony with a bittersweet subtext.

The initial resonances evoked by the imagery pervading the show is contradicted by the creature’s actual state of being trapped and unable to move freely. Through two walkie talkies placed in the two rooms of the gallery, a net of communication in between and throughout the sculptures of the space is spanned, drawing lines of connections and intersections of the mutual dependencies that, whether visible or invisible, determine life.

Margarette’s work weaves a narrative that explores the elusive connections between micro-level interactions, invasions, and interventions within a global context. She points to an ecological unease, that, in an era marked by crisis, rises to the forefront of global consciousness. Through the constraint imposed upon innocent yet deeply affected creatures, the artist addresses a profound sense of decay, inviting us to reflect and response to its threatening consequences.

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