Various Ink Marco Zumbé

Cologne 2017/03/04 2017/03/22

Marco Zumbé is working with marker pens on canvas or paper on both sides, the front and the back. Instead of using established techniques, he is taking an uncommon approach to his abstract paintings. The alcohol based ink is absorbed by the canvas and creates a unique smooth image. Depth is created by the layers shining through from the canvas’ back side.

The line as a shaping, pictorial element is an omnipresent motive. Marco Zumbé is interested in the observer’s perception and interpretation of lines. The moment when a line can be recognised as a figure or an object plays an essential role for him as an artist.

In his exhibition Various Ink at POP;68 Marco Zumbé presents a variety of works on canvas and paper – all painted with marker pens and refill cartridges. His abstract creations seem to be organic and figurative without portraying a motive directly.