Two o’clock at night Jeehye Song

Cologne 2022/06/25 2022/08/21

Jeehye Song presents her first solo exhibition Two o’clock at night at Pop;68 in Cologne.

Dealing with the aesthetic ugliness of everyday situations, this young artist portrays what arises from personal perception – able to transfer her own moments of perplexity, darkness and their processing as irritation. Upon a closer inspection, what at first glance looks like perfection in aesthetic composition, soft colors and humorous figuration, is covered with a veil of loneliness and absurdity.

Song depicts mostly only one, sometimes two persons who find themselves in precarious situations; drowning, dejected, physically injured. After the challenging period of the past two years, in which isolation was an unavoidable companion, the artist pointedly aligns us with the current zeitgeist.

Domestic situations create a kind of familiarity, providing clear visual symbols as well as indeterminable elements of disturbance that demand engagement on a personal level. Through a playful approach, the artist generates an acceptance of the uncertainty of the paradox, that allow for differently perceived realities to coexist.

The works celebrate the contradictory nature of this coexistence within their dreamlike appearance and turn the contemplation to a walk through one’s own mental images.