Prologue to the End Noah Latif Lamp

Cologne 2022/11/19 2023/01/08

Noah Latif Lamp presents his first solo exhibition prologue to the end at Pop;68 in Cologne.

The artist is drawn to nothing less than some of the most elementary concerns of humanity – topics around life, death, identity and the experience of time and truth appear in all of his work, which cannot be assigned to any specific genre.

The artist appropriates everyday objects, public spaces and established ideas in order to transfer them into his own, very personal artistic means. His body of work includes performance, sculpture, painting, installation, new media, artistic interventions and many more.

Prologue to the end shows a series of shooter paintings – freshly applied oil on linen that is shot by guns usually known in the context of hunting. The colors, their course and contours change fundamentally during that action, letting their aesthetics be determined by a certain thoughtlessness often found in violent conditions. Equally the works are shaped by the necessity of being quick – an essential skill moving in and around the grey zones of legal systems.

As a reflection of our present, the artist proceeds in a certain radicalism that is not about a moment of horror or shock but rather a depiction of current human conditions and their circumstances of life. Lamps works communicate on a level of commonality and reveal pure emotions that stay after cultural baggage of any kind is extracted.