horror vacui, horror vacui Kevin Kemter

Cologne 2022/10/01 2022/11/06

Kevin Kemter presents his first solo exhibition horror vacui, horror vacui at Pop;68 in Cologne.

This new body of work ranges from installation and sculpture to drawing, painting and language. Featuring a collection of over 200 drawings, stapled and presented using typing clips of discarded file folders – this unusual hanging, in a curvilinear grid, that almost uses the entire surface of the wall, gives the exhibition an installative character. The elevation of the individual works through their perfectionist framing yields to an unpretentious, immediate depiction.

The abstract motifs mostly take place in a landscape, appearing playful and surreal in their colorful, childlike composition. In their sexualized allusions and irritating associations, they break up the seemingly naïve game and transform the drawings into a stage for countless, unspoken and ambiguous references.

Their own world grows from an initial form – framed by name and date in the upper corners of the drawings – which in a dialogical process evokes answers in the form of new pictorial elements. This process continues until the white of the background has completely dissolved in opaque color fields and the urge to fill emptiness has found satisfaction.