Full of Emotion Klasse Andreas Schulze

Cologne 2016/07/09 2016/07/31

The twenty students from the class of professor Andreas Schulze are currently presenting their works in a group exhibition currently on view at Pop;68, the project room of Ruttkowski;68 gallery. Entitled Full of Emotion, the show presents as various works of arts as there are different ways of emotions.
With Full of Emotion, the art students express their desire to cure the current art world that is according to them, “dying from the cancer that is intellectuality and cold art.” And all have their very own medicine against it. Most students enunciate their message and feelings through paintings while three of them choose sculpture as their medium and Carl Brandi participates with a one-of-a-time performance that was showed at the day of the opening. Brandi underlines that Full of Emotion, just like emotions themselves aim at being “something supernatural, almost divine.” Along with the works by the art students, there is also a work by professor Andreas Schulze. It is a painting of a door installed at the glass plate of the actual door of the gallery.

Artists on display:
Andreas Schulze
Annika Albrecht
Antonia Freisburger
Antonia Rodrian
Björn Knapp
Carl Brandi
Chris Akordalitis
Felix Amerbacher
Florian Erhard
Jan-Luka Schmitz
Katharinas Stangler
Leonie Schilling
Lukas Köllner
Marleen Rothaus
Max Hölter
Oliver Meier
Ørjan Einarsson Døsen
Philip Wiehagen
Pia Krajewski
Sabine Voltz
Sibylle Czichon
Simon Bongard
Sven Tölle
Yijie Gong